Many people are adventurous with their food intake. These individuals would want to taste different kinds of food. One of the world cuisines that are never missed is the Italian food. Don’t you know that there are good things you can get just by eating Italian Food in Seattle? The dishes in an Italian cuisine are not only delicious. They actually contain health benefits that you can’t find in other dishes. Do you want to know what makes it a healthy choice of dish? The article will tell you everything about the health benefits of Italian food.
Increased Fiber Intake
If you take in Italian food, you are assured that you take healthy food that is filled with fiber. The traditional Italian dishes are made with increased dietary fiber. A lot of Italian food contains fruits, vegetable, and legumes. Italians are also fond of using or adding grains and nuts in their dishes. These ingredients are filled with fiber that helps in better digestion.
Excellent Source of Antioxidant
The tomatoes that are primary ingredients in an Italian dish are rich in lycopene and beta carotene. These are considered as your body’s sweeper of free radicals, which often cause damages to the body. Italian dishes are also filled with vitamins A, C and E. These vitamins and minerals are excellent antioxidants that help prevent cancer and other diseases.
Good for the Heart
Italians love to toss their salads in olive oil. As it is known worldwide, olive oil is a healthy option to use than all other types of oils. Also, the Italian cuisine is nothing without the fresh fish and other types of sea foods. Olive oils, fish and sea foods contain excellent amount of Omega-3 fatty acids that are healthy for the heart. The healthy fatty acids also come with unsaturated fats that help prevent the occurrence of heart problems. Italian dishes are perfectly paired with sparkling Italian wine. A healthy amount of red wine also is good for the heart. This is actually a fact that is supported by medical doctors around the world.
Helps you manage your weight
Because most ingredients that are used in Italian dishes are mostly fruits and vegetables, it actually aids you to manage your weight properly. One of the signature ingredients that is known to the Italian cuisine are the tomatoes. Other add-ons that are commonly found in Italian food are spinach, onions, garlic and some green leafy vegetables. These ingredients contain low levels of fat and calories. This helps you control your weight

Those were only the health benefits that you get from eating Italian food in Seattle. You still have to experience the excellent taste and fun while dining in an Italian restaurant. You should go to one of Seattle’s best Italian restaurants today. You can eat, have fun and improve your healthy while enjoying your food. The next time you want to eat out, consider your health improvement and dine in a Seattle restaurant that serves the best Italian food in the area. Taste some Italian good food, which is not only delicious, but healthy as well.

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