Whenever you are looking for a nice change of pace from the usual stuff that you eat, it is recommended that you try out anything from the Italian Cuisine Style. Hailing all the away from the Mediterranean, this quaint cuisine style offers quite a lot from the usual pasta and pizza that you have been used to eating. Despite the variety of flavors offered, Seattle great Italian Food is known for several key characteristics.
If Italian Cuisine is known for one thing, it would be its simple concept for every dish. In this style, a minimalist mentality is enforced in this style of cuisine as it believes that keeping your ingredients down to a handful will make up for a more comprehensive flavor as opposed to a mish-mash of various tastes and textures. 
For instance, a mixture of tomatoes, garlic and olive oil slapped on to a piece of bread is quite popular in the cuisine as a dish named Bruschetta. Pasta, a long-time staple in the cuisine, is made up of only a handful of ingredients namely eggs, flour and water.
Being simplistic, however, is just the tip of the iceberg in Authentic Italian Cuisine. Another thing that Italian dishes are known for is that they have been made the same way for almost half a millennium. For instance, cheese and pasta is still being produced the same way it was hundreds of years ago: handmade.
Also, every ingredient is either brought fresh from the market or just picked from the fields a few hours ago. As such, Italian chefs consider the act of using old ingredients as a sign of disrespect to the customers. If you taste something stale or old in your plate, chances are that it was not made according the Traditional Italian standards.
Despite the hard-pressed emphasis on sticking to the standards, Italian Cuisine is known for adapting quickly to whatever environment it happens to be introduced on. For instance, various pastas have interchangeable ingredients to accommodate what is most available in an area Also, Italian dishes are quick to adapt to the “veggie” and “fat-free” diets of a lot of individuals today.
Despite these, modern Seattle great Italian food sticks to its time-tested attributes of flavor, simplicity and healthiness. As such, you can be sure of a great dining experience no matter how the cuisine adapts to local flavors and preferences.

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