Italians are not only concerned with food presentation or the menu, they have something much deeper that goes right to tradition and culture. Like pasta for example, they have their different own kinds of pasta shapes and sizes, and most you can enjoy at Ciao Amore seattle italian restaurant.
Italians have that original pasta sauce that is considered as their traditional type and originated from the Roma region of Italy. Named as the Pasta all’amatriciana, this delicious pasta sauce is made from the tasty blend of tomatoes and bacon in which it is commonly served with bucatini pasta, this type of pasta is kind of huge and is hollow in the middle, both are commonly served together resulting in a perfect traditional Italian pasta. There are lots of italian pasta for taste buds to enjoy such as the aglio e olio or the pasta with oil and garlic and the common dry pasta that is usually taken out in fast food orders. Cappuccino is another italian delicacy well loved by the world. As we all know, coffee is love and how much more if it is combined with creamy milk and milk foam? However it is a huge disgrace to to drink cappuccino in the evening because it is a drink only intended for breakfast. Drinking wine is another italian tradition that everyones loves too. When you have traveled in Italy, you will surely notice the bars that are available in every street. But do you know that drinking is a natural thing to do when you meet someone or a friend? Whenever you meet, you should go find a place to drink something together with good company. Meals on italian cuisine makes your mouth water that its tempting enough to immediately chomp down all the italian food in the table, but take a bit consideration on your table manners, the salad should be eaten as a side plate for the 2nd dish.

Wondering what basic meal the Italians consider as most important? Lunch. They respect lunch so much that the kitchens will be closing after 2:30 in the afternoon and this time you’d be forced to eat a sandwich. Another thing you might notice with italians traveling is that they’d always look for italian food, because they trust their own. One thing they hate is when their food is mixed with other cuisines, they will deeply consider it as an insult. Interested on Italian cuisine but you’re not in italy? then try the best seattle italian restaurant.

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